The Caribbean and African Community Health Support Forum would like to invite you to along to the men’s group.

The men’s health and wellbeing group has been going since January 2012. The men have continued to meet fortnightly to discuss various health issues i.e. prostate cancer, mental health, testicular cancer etc…

Come along and share your views and concerns about health issues. Your views will help to shape future health services and support networks locally.

Six Week Cooking Course

The program commenced on 2nd August 2012 and was held at Whitehouse Community Centre, Ipswich.

On the seventh week the men cooked a three course meal for invited guests which consisted of participants from the Exercise Class and the Dementia course that was run earlier by the Caribbean and African Community Health Support Forum.

The project consists of a 6 week program of workshops which seeks to encourage men to cook and eat healthier, locally sourced foods. The workshops cover a range of different topics such as basic nutritional information, cooking techniques, safety in the kitchen, cooking on a budget and practical exercises to cook different ethnic and regional dishes. The men had the expertise of a highly acclaimed chef Alvin McQueen.


The aim of this project is to enable participants to develop their knowledge around the importance of a healthy balanced diet on their health and well being. This course will highlight the constituents of a healthier diet and enhance participants practical cooking skills, giving them confidence to manage and prepare a variety of healthy and exciting meals.


At the end of the six weeks, participants will be able to understand the importance of the general law of food hygiene. Learn about health and safety in the kitchen. The importance of using the ‘eat well plate’ towards maintaining a healthier diet, the significance of salt reduction, portion size and different methods of cooking.